Our puddings, cakes and desserts are available for delivery in LONDON ONLY.  This is due to the delicate nature of the products which doesn't allow it to travel well by courier.

We have a range of postal products available to send nationwide by DPD and we are developing this range all the time. 


Our delivery charges are based on distance and therefore time it takes from our E8 Bakery.  Currently we deliver to the following postcodes:

E5 – £3.95

E9 – £3.95

E8 - £3.95

E10 - £4.95

N16, N1, N5, E14, E17, E15 - £5.95

N17, N15, N7, E16, E11, E7, E13, EC1V,1 EC2A3 - £6.95

N18, N4 - £7.95

SE10, SE7, SE3 - £7.95

NW1, N19, N9, N8 - £8.95

SE5, SE24, SE16, SE17, SE8, SE14, SE15, SE24, SE21, SE23, SE22, SE13, SE4 - £8.95

N6, E6, E12, E18 - £9.95

N2, N10, N22, NW6, NW3, NW8, NW5 - £9.95

E4, SE28, SE18, SE2, IG11, IG1, IG4, IG8 - £10.95

SW8, SW11, SW4, SW9, SW5, SW7, SW3, SW10, SW6 - £10.95

IG2, IG3, IG5 - £12.95

SE27, SE26, SE6, SE12, SE9, SE19, SE20, SE25 - £12.95

NW11 - £12.95

W1, SW1, WC1, WC2, SE1, WC2, EC4, SE11 - £15.95

SW13, SW18, SW12, SW2, W12, W6 - £15.95

N20, N3, N12, N11, N14, N21, N13 - £15.95

NW7, NW9, NW4, NW2, NW10 - £19.95

W7, W13, W5, W3, W4 - £19.95

SW14, SW15, SW20, SW19, SW17, SW16 - £19.95

TW8, TW9, TW10 - £22.95

EN5, EN4, EN2, EN1, EN3 - £19.95

HA8, HA9, HA0 - £35.00


Corporate Hampers

We can create your perfect corporate hamper for as many people as possible, down to a minimum of 5.

We can work within your budget constraints to come up with a gift that will include products the Proof create, as well as products from other amazing businesses we work with from the food and drink industry.

We can colour coordinate, brand it with your corporate logo, personalise it and make it a special and personal gift that you will be proud to present to your employees and clients.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Branded Treats

If you have a requirement for a bespoke branded cupcake, profiterole, tart, dessert, biscuit, brownie or larger cake then we can help with your brief. From the simple to the more complex, we can tailor our products to meet your brief, budget and quantities.

We can even work to short time-scales so get in touch:

  • Cupcakes


    We can design bespoke cupcakes for you to send incorporating your branding or a design idea you have.

  • Biscuits


    We can create branded or themed biscuits for you to send out.

  • Gift Boxes

    Gift Boxes

    Create a bespoke gift box to send out.